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SculptSoft consulting board facilitated with all in one features let you supervise your business in single click.

Consulting Board

The consulting board is an integrated automation solution for inner and outer enterprise operations. Controlling aspects of enterprises such as handling clients and employees; and working on those operations without any approach can be difficult.

Our solution is to address enterprise management needs of businesses across diverse industries. We develop solution combined with leading technologies that can help in managing industrial assets and inventory supply cycle.

Managing enterprise accurately and efficiently is necessary. From the first step of acknowledging customer to delivering services successfully, all should be in a standard form. At an initial stage, field agents or sales person are weighed with tons of paperwork which often takes weeks to be processed. Forms must be filled out and submitted to the head office. By the time of the final process, missing or incorrect data is discovered.

Rectifying this situation requires the whole process to be related. This inefficiency incurs huge time lags in every step of sales, collection, and service operations. Ultimately the customers’ experience is compromised and it takes a hit on the business’s bottom line.

To eliminate all this problems, we bring integrated efficient solution. Following are some features.

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