Energy Armor is a USA based company, featured negative ion wrist accessories.

We developed fully functioned online store for Energy Armor. Customers can view range of products and order desire products online through multiple secured payment modes. To make buyers’ shopping experience most memorable we have built e-commerce site which is fast, effective and easy to use.

Admin panel can perform different management operations easily. From order management, finance to shipping and delivery management, all are optimized in one panel.

Right technology implementation and adequate UX design can make e-commerce site perfect for more customer conversion and retention.

Simple yet brilliantly designed web store based on product theme to maximize attention
Responsive design to fit on any screen
adequate categorizations for easy navigation
Videos and photos integration for product description
View cart/Check out (redirect to payment mode) on single click on any page
Up selling of relevant products for more sales
Multiple products’ list so that users can view as per convenience
Roll over zoom-in on product pictures and detailed product description
Purchase overview of product before check out
View order history
Check order status. Track order.
Admin can automatically send email for receipt, purchase confirmation and itinerary.
Energy Armor representative can view the purchase.
Admin can manage order and shipping process.
Admin can manage finance and other expanses right from admin panel
Client benefits
Easy navigation throughout e-commerce site.
Smooth, attractive and responsive design for most memorable shopping experience on any device.
Detailed product description. High quality videos and product pictures.
Secured multiple payment modes
Easy and efficient purchase order tracking
Order history for purchase records
Purchase receipt via e-mail
Highly optimized admin panel for full operational support.
Technical details
Invoice, receipt and order of service auto PDF generation.
Email template creation and auto email
Responsive (Mobile friendly) UI for Customer Operations
Maximum use of AJAX, hence minimal page refreshes
Secured payment gateways
CATEGORIES - Multiple categorization of products. Customer can browse through all products easily. Up selling products on sidebar for more sales.
PRODUCT DISPLAY - Detailed product description. High quality videos and photos (with roll-over zoom) for more closely look of products. Add products to cart or wish list.
ADD TO CART AND WISH LIST - Add products to cart/wish list for more realistic user experience. One click check-out and redirect to payment gateway.
CUSTOMER LOG IN - Secured and easy customer registration. Wish lists, Order tracking and order history can be access from that.
ORDER STATUS - Customer can check purchase order status by tracking its status online.
EMAIL INVOICE - Customer can get purchase invoice via mail.
INTEGRATED ADMIN PANEL - Representatives can easily manage business on single panel where from order status and finance to shipping and delivery can be controlled. It can also generate charts of different aspects of sales.