Hands on practice of stock market.

Gain experience of ups-downs of stocks market with SculptSoft’s highly optimized application.

Virtual Stock Market

No one can judge ups and downs of stocks. You must have ability to predict market position if you don’t want to lose money. Prices of shares fluctuate a lot every second. Success in share market requires patience and willingness to see past fluctuations to study the large picture. With time, you will get experience to interpret these fluctuations better.

Our solution for the stock market can help you build confidence. Before funding real money in the stock market, a user can get an experience of market position and its history.

VSM solution is for capital market stakeholders, mutual fund investors, market analytics, enterprise financial offices and commodity traders.

VSM integrated solution for market stock holders to analyze market position without investing. VSM lets you invest in the stock market without real money. A user can get an idea if he invested wisely or not. When it comes to real money he can confidently invest in the market as he has gone through ups and downs of share market. It can give you a detailed analysis of particular companies’ market position.

We provide a fully customized solution according to our clients’ demand. Following are some features our developer can deliver. However, we provide tailor made solution to our client: