Ariston Remedies is an iOS app for medical representatives of pharmaceutical company.

Medical representatives can organize/update appointments, meetings and financials with doctors/pharmacists and plan meetings. It is featured with GPS locator to find shortest path to reach at location on the day of appointment to save time. Company sales manager can track transportation of all MRs. From application, MR can see all previous meeting details before the next meeting. It is no longer required to remember all conversations with doctor and their medicine requirements. Transit or change of another MR can easily update himself from previous records and discussions.

Application’s admin side has feature to track every action of medical representatives. Sales manager can check status on each MR’s daily traverse.

This application can useful for any marketing and sales workforce. It is the easiest and effective tool for organized marketing.

Secured individual password protected MR account
Presentations about different medicines and its effect to explain briefly
Add/edit/remove doctors’ and chemists’ detail and their medicine preferences. View it in list form.
Doctors and chemists meeting history
MRs’ expanse details
Locate address on GPS for easy navigation
Add/edit/remove doctor appointment
Set parameters for first meetings
For follow up on Doctors and chemists, store Details on next meeting
Add/edit/remove MRs
Track MRs’ current position
Client benefits
Easy to use integrated application for organized meeting management and follow-ups
All details stored in doctors and chemists meetings. No longer need to remember all details
Expanse management
Never lose data with the help of iCloud storage
GPS locations to reach clinic/pharmacy store easily. Also, help to organize multiple meetings in nearby area
In times of transit/change MR, New MR can easily update with previous meetings and follow up on them
MRs Supervision and records of their work on admin side
Technical details
Smart UI design for easy navigation
Enterprise mobility
XML/JASON management
Map and location service
iCloud integration
iStore compatible application
Push notification
LOG IN - Log in to secured account to access and add details
PRESENTATION - Video presentations on different medical products
INFORMATION - Chemists and doctors information from their contact details and appointment timings to medicine they prefer. Add/edit/remove any information.
LOCATION - Based on addresses GPS locator help to reach in shortest way possible. It also help to analyze different appointments on same area
NOTIFICATION - Notify reminders, appointment alerts and other related actions.
EXPANSE - Record of MRs daily expanse repot to sales manager
MEETING - All meeting information. Add all information about Doctor/Chemists on first meeting. Meeting history help to analyze information which shared on last meeting with doctor/chemists. Follow up on appointments and further queries/enquires.
SYNC - Sync all data with other devices for back up
MR RECORDS - Sales managers can keep track on all MRs work and other activities. They can track for MRs’ routes. Update on daily expanses.