Chamunda Pharmaceutical machinery is a leading pharmaceutical machine producer company. They wanted us to develop data acquisition and control panel for tablet press machine.

We built control system by which supervisor can set parameters for batch, reports on performed batches, Alarm in case of uncertain functionality, Diagnosis of system and Calibration. The application performs faster; it can easily perform operation with rotor’s maximum speed of 80rpm.

Password protected account for any operation
Create/Edit recipe, set recipe parameters like tablet size, shape, weight, thickness, recipe code, recipe name and rpm.
Control panel functioned with errors, emergency, alarm, interlock, Hydraulic pressure control, Turret and feeder control, sampling rejection and load cell calibration
Provide individual batch number.
By providing batch number and name get report
By entering recipe code and name, get report of recipe of specific batch.
Reports in tabular form can be generated of current batch by force report.
Reports can be print directly
Log in reports to know people who logged into systems
Calibration report in printable format
All batch reports in tabular form with assigned date
Client benefits
High performing, efficient and adequate automated and data acquisition system
Secured and individual log in for supervisors, managers and maintainers
Create recipe, set up all parameters of tablet.
Monitor/edit all real time operational parameters
Alarm facility if something goes wrong
Report generation on single click
Print reports right from panel
Technical details
Fast real time data fetching
Efficiently control over real time operation. Change parameters like Turret, feeder, AWC, Display indicator, Hydraulic pressure of current batch.
Set alarms for unhealthy condition. Reset alarm by acknowledgment
Set values of sampling rejection rate
Diagnose all digital and analog inputs and outputs
Calibrate servo motors and load cell
Reports in tabular and graph format of current batch and other parameters
Calibrate each channel individually
LOG IN - Multiple password protected log in to do any operation or analysis.
USER MANAGEMENT - Supervisors, managers and maintainers have individual user log in. Admin can add/edit/remove user. Admin can also get report on log in/log out list with time stamp in tabular format.
MAIN MENU - Different function in iconic form for easy navigation
BATCH DATA MANAGEMENT - Add/Edit/Delete batch with batch number, user details (operator), product details and recipe details
RECIPE - Create new recipe/ edit existing recipe/ delete recipe. Set parameters like shape, size, thickness, assigning batch number, user name, name of product, etc.
CONTROL - Operation control of existing batch process. Error indications, emergency in unhealthy condition, Interlock, turret and feeder control, motor control, etc.
ALARMS - Alarm acknowledge in times of emergency. Set value of alarm, acknowledge preset when error resolved.
DIAGNOSIS - Diagnosis of all digital and analog inputs and outputs. Indication of unhealthy parameters.
CALIBRATION - Calibration of LVDT/Servo motor, sensors and load cell calibration.