No one can judge ups-downs of stock market unless investors are familiar with uncertainty of enterprises’ stock positions, yielding stocks and corporate actions.

It is more likely to lose money in stock market without any prior experience of market position. On the other side, for smart trading moves investors has to face real time stock market challenges.

That is why Virtual Stock Market (VSM) to prepare investors to take advantageous decision for uncertain stock market rates.

Virtual Stock Market is an iOS app specifically designed for users who wants to be expert traders. It is perfect app for beginners as it gives realistic trading experience. VSM let users place order/ sell stock with virtual money so that when it comes to investing real money they can make good decision. It also has other outstanding features which help them learn more fluently.

Buy and sell stock with virtual money in real time market price.
As market price varies continuously, “set point” value help to fix order placement range.
Stay updated with favorite/ most trending enterprises.
Analyze trading actions and sold/purchased stocks in portfolio to measure growth.
Create/Join groups, stay updated with group members’ trading moves.
Leader board of top VSM traders.
Predict and bid on stocks with friends with BidStock.
Client benefits
Hands-on trading for beginners.
Realistic trading experience with virtual money.
Real time stock market pricing.
Measure trading skills.
Learn trading with practical approaches.
Technical details
Innovative UI and UX design.
Fetching real time stock market prices
Quick actions on stock buying/selling
Calculating winner at the end of competition in BetStock and leader board.
Share trading moves
Custom architecture for web API communication
iCloud integration
Push notification
iStore compatible application
Stock trading with real time prices - Featured stock’s current price, open price, close price and variation for easy analysis of price variation.
Watchlist - Add/remove enterprises’ for easy access of favorite stocks. Buy/Sell stocks directly from watchlist. Notifications of stock price variations of enterprises’ in watchlist.
Portfolio - Overview of past trades. Analyze trading moves to measure improvements in trading skills.
Group - create/ Join groups to learn from other group members from their trading moves.
Top movers - Top traders of VSM users. Learn from their moves, when to buy/sell stocks in different scenarios.
Leader board - Top profit makers among friends.
BidStock - One of the most effective way to learn trading. Gamble on stock profits. See who can make most out the day.