ENERGY ARMOR (INDIA) is the USA-India collaboration company, manufacturer of wearable accessories. Company has its sales stores in all over India. We have provided solution by which representatives can easily manage their enterprise.

To maximize performance, EA (India) focused with the challenge of maintaining a profitable balance among speed, service levels, and the risk and cost of deployment. SculptSoft provides companies complete end-to-end solution with capabilities for managing B2B and B2C markets’ strategy, planning and execution, enabling them to achieve superior service levels, gain market share and reduce costs.

Companies can improve the accuracy and performance of supply chain and sales process with SculptSoft’s solution.

SculptSoft’s B2B and B2C integrated commerce solution incorporates scenario management, enabling companies to make strategic, informed decisions that further enhance their inventory control.

Choose sales store and enter security pin for secure log-in. refresh in case of new store added to the network
Easy order placement. View other stock related details like history, received and dispatch orders.
Create invoice by adding purchased product(s) in invoice. Auto calculated final bill amount to be paid.
Invoice summary, Final purchase amount, payment method, transaction id and sales representative name
View status of current, transport and current stock by choosing any one of tab Check out the status for misplaced, dead, dispatched, current and ordered stock of particular product
Overview of orders from all sales shop, details of its status, payments, misplace and dead stocks.
Payment information of different sales shops. Status of their payment.
Easy view of drder history of all sales shops.
Add products to make order to be dispatch. By choose shop to enter address and dispatch.
Purchase and View stock availability of individual product at warehouse.
View reports of stock, sales, misplaced, dead stock, purchased stock.
Target allocation to sales representatives
Add/edit/delete sales store.
View daily expanse of individual sales store. Check for sales representatives’ monthly leaves.
Client benefits
Streamlining processes through B2B integration with distributors
Improving customer service through info, data or platform extension
Improved supply chain and inventory management capabilities
Companies can reach out to a larger consumer base and increase their areas of operation
Easy management of online service contracts
Real-time visibility into distribution channels
Reduction in back-office operation costs
Fully secure and compliant systems
Drive more effective sales promotions and discount programs
The solutions provide companies with a means to be available to their consumers, 365 X 24 X 7
Potential customers can browse a greater range of online catalogues from their homes or offices
Technical details
Highly optimized UI/UX designs for easy operations
Real time update of different parameters
Efficient and accurate system
Custom MVC framework
Different database connectivity framework
Payment integration
CONFIRMATION - Placed order details of all sales shops, See order details. Discounts, Inward to store, payment details, misplaced order, dead stock and expanses.
PAYMENT INFORMATION - Payment information of all sales stores. Detailed sales information of individual store in aspects of sales return against invoice, total sales, cash received, pending cash, due amount and final amount.
ORDERS - Overview of products’ stock order of all sales stores. View its status and details of sales representative who placed order.Detailed view of individual sales stores order, perform operation like dispatch/cancel order.
DISPATCH NEW - Prepare order by choosing product, its quantity and add it for order dispatch. Choose between distributor/warehouse from which order to be dispatch and delivery location with title and description of order.
WAREHOUSE - Purchase stock by add products and its attributes in cart by category. Add dealer’s contact details, auto price calculation and discounts. View available warehouse stock of each individual product by different categories.
REPORTS - View report and status of all aspects of supply chain. Choose sales store, view reports on different attributes like sales, stock, sales return, misplaced stock, dead stock, purchased stock, dispatched stock, payment history and check in history.
TARGET - Manage target of individual store and employee. Monthly target allocation by choosing store and employee. View target status in target details.
STORE -Add new store by adding its all basic details like name of the store, location and detailed address. Edit/deactivate/remove existing store details. View/add existing employees’ detail.
OTHERS -Manage sales store’s daily expanse by selecting store, date and stock status. View employees’ monthly leave.